About Us

Who We Are

We are women and men, all volunteers, who have a passion for helping the disadvantaged, disabled and needy in our community (“friends in need”).  We strive to provide assistance while maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those we serve. In addition to working in teams, we meet as a group twice a month to help each other grow in a spirit of friendship and service. The Society began in France in 1833 and has spread throughout the world. Although the organization was inspired by Christ’s life of service to others, we are (and welcome) volunteers from all walks of life, regardless of creed, ethnicity or social background.

What We Do

We answer emergency requests for help from anyone in East Jefferson County. We work in teams, meet face-to-face with people at their homes or in a public place and offer financial assistance and referrals as needed. Most often we give aid for food, gas, utilities, rent, bus passes, emergency shelter, prescriptions, medical/dental expenses, repairs, insurance, clothing and laundry.

By The Numbers

From October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022, we distributed $184,217 as follows:

12% Housing, 39% Utilities, 14% Groceries, 27% Transportation, 7% Other, ~1% Operational expense

Friends in need helped – 2,524  | Volunteer hours – 5,475  | Volunteer miles driven – 12,790

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